heritage child development center
Saturday, October 16, 2021
a weekday ministry of heritage baptist church

1.1 Little Angels

Some things you can expect in the Little Angels class… 

The children in this class set their own schedules.  Parents record for the teachers the child’s sleeping habits and feeding routine and the teachers use that as a guideline to care for the child each day.  Teachers will communicate with the parents daily when and for how long the child slept, when and how much the child ate and when their diapers were changed and why.  Each child has its own space in the classroom and children do not share cribs.  Children do share bouncy seats, swings and floor spaces.  Furniture and toys are sanitized on a regular basis.  This classroom has a nursing room available for moms that wish to nurse during the day.  Heritage CDC provides the linens for the cribs, bibs and wipes.  Parents are responsible for the child’s food, diapers and any creams or ointments needed for diapering.  


The Little Angels’ teachers will love on your child and will help them discover the world around them.