heritage child development center
Saturday, October 16, 2021
a weekday ministry of heritage baptist church

2.2 Honey Bees

2 year olds

Some things you can expect in the HoneyBees…

The children in this class enjoy being with their friends.  “No” is an automatic response, even when they mean “yes.”  They crave attention, positive or negative.  Two’s play alongside, not necessarily with their friends.  Begin to understand taking turns and sharing.  Like to take off their clothing.  Children this age like to hear that God loves them.  It is more important for two year olds to learn to be social with their friends than it is that they can recite the alphabet.

The HoneyBees teachers will love on your children.  Help them discover the world around them, to get along with the friends in their class, learn new things.  Being potty trained is a major goal for all of our two’s.

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