heritage child development center
Saturday, October 16, 2021
a weekday ministry of heritage baptist church

1.3 Bouncin' Bunnies

Younger Toddlers

Some things you can expect in the Bouncin’ Bunnies class…

The children are beginning to move at a very quick pace.  Bunnies are not very respectful of other personal spaces and this may cause conflict.  Children will lash out at friends that are in the way, sitting too close, bumping into them, taking their toys and breathing their air.  Children in this class are beginning to enjoy “helping” their teachers.  Sometimes these children will still want to cling to favorite blankets and toys.  Bunnies begin to know friends names when they are called.  These children love to dance to music!  Bunnies are beginning to use their mouths for talking and eating and some still will use them for biting…other people.

The Bouncin’ Bunnies teachers will love on your children and help them discover the world around them.  They will help them learn to love their friends and to be kind to others.

Click the Bunnies Daily Schedule to download the daily schedule for this class