heritage child development center
Saturday, October 16, 2021
a weekday ministry of heritage baptist church

1.2 Rainbows

Some things you can expect in the Rainbows class… 

The children in this class are becoming more mobile and move about on their own.  Although they are beginning to pull up and will eventually walk, they may still prefer to crawl for a while.  Rainbows will begin to take things from other children.  The children at this age will use all of their five senses to discover the world around them.  They might squeal to ear noise, make faces when they smell something stinky, use their tongues to taste the floor, look at everything closely and touch everything within and even out of their reach.  These children will put everything, including their friends body parts, in their mouths.  Heritage CDC provides the linens for the cribs, bibs, spoons and wipes.  Parents are responsible for the child’s food, diapers and any creams or ointments needed for diapering.    

The Rainbows teachers will love on your children and will help them discover the world around them.  The teachers will help them learn to entertain themselves and to get along with the friends in their class.

Click Rainbows Daily Schedule to download the daily schedule for this class