heritage child development center
Saturday, October 16, 2021
a weekday ministry of heritage baptist church

1.4 Sunshines


 Some things you can expect in the Sunshines…

 The children are beginning to jump up and down and climb on furniture.  Beginning to call their friends by their names.  They enjoy stories and songs.  They will “strike back” when offended.  Some have begun to push, some may still bite others when frustrated.  Children this age, love to sing songs.  Children love to be helpers to their teachers.  Some children may begin to potty train before they are two years of age but most begin at the age of 24 months.

The Sunshines teachers will love on your children.  Help them discover the world around them.  Help them learn to entertain themselves, to get along with the friends in their class and will help teach them to make choices and to challenge them to learn new things.

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