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Thursday, October 22, 2020
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June 10, 2020

Our goal is to keep our children and teachers safe by following COVID19 protocols from both the Center for Disease Control and the Alabama Department of Public Health. We need your patience and cooperation as we work together to reopen the CDC.

We need you to know that despite our best efforts at the CDC and your best efforts at home, there is a great possibility that we might have a teacher or a child with a COVID19 positive at some point. When that happens we want you to know what to expect. If you, your child or a family member tests positive for COVID19, please let us know immediately. When we have a child or a staff member to test positive with COVID19, we will contact the local health department. Policies will be determined at the time of diagnosis with respect to current state and local health department requirements including, but not limited to, classroom quarantine; short term closing (2-5 days) for testing, cleaning, and tracing; temporary long term closing if mandated by the local health department due to current community spread. We will wait the recommended 24 hours after closure to then clean and disinfect our building and all surfaces contained within our building including all other spaces outside or inside any other buildings that were contaminated.

We highly encourage you to have a backup plan for childcare as you might receive notice that the CDC is closed immediately for an undetermined amount of time. To help us stay open for as long as we can, as safely as we can, we need you to help us with the following things:

  • Take care of your family through handwashing, social distancing, wearing masks, avoiding large gatherings, limiting exposure to others outside the center, staying home for any illness, etc.
  • Park in the lot beside the pecan grove each morning. Come to the wellness station located under the awning between the CDC building and the main building for temp checks every morning. We will not accept children with a temp of 100.4 or higher. If your child is cleared for admission, he/she will receive a sticker. Teachers will not allow children in the classrooms at either the CDC or Kidz Club without the sticker. You may not enter through the main CDC doors as they will be locked. Please arrive each day between 7-8:30am.
  • Please wear a mask inside our buildings. Both our church staff and CDC staff will be wearing masks. We would appreciate our parents also wearing masks to reduce the risk of COVID spread.
  • Wait outside the gate of each classroom for a teacher to receive your child. Only Heritage CDC staff and children are allowed inside the classroom. This procedure applies for drop off and pick up. Please do not enter the classroom.
  • Practice social distancing inside our buildings as much as possible. To make room for other families, do not linger in the CDC building after drop off or pick up.
  • Have patience with our staff, with other families, and with the children. This time has been stressful for everyone and will continue to be stressful as long as COVID19 is active in our community. We are intentionally working slowly and carefully to keep your child safe. 

We cannot do this without you! We are so very grateful for you and your family. We continue to pray that God keeps you safe as we continue together through this very difficult time. Let us know if you have questions.


We are glad that you have visited our site today.  Whether you are a current parent or a prospective parent, we hope you will find the information that you are looking for.  It is our desire to use this resource as one of the main tools that we use to communicate efficiently and effectively with parents.  Follow the links at the top of this page or to the left of the page to be directed to other places of interest on this site. Thanks again for stopping by and for allowing us to care for your little ones!  Check back often for updates and bookmark this site in the favorites section on your web browser.


We are happy to have prospective parents visit for a tour of our facility and program.   Tours are provided and scheduled by appointment only.  Please call or email to schedule your tour.  For your convenience, we have also added the Photo Tour so that you can see many of the areas in our wonderful facility.


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