Health & Safety

 Health and Medical Information

Medical Emergency

If there is a medical emergency, the center will first cll 911. We will then attempt to get in touch with the child’s parents.  If the child’s parent is unavailable, we will use the information provided on the Parent Agreement Form to reach the child’s doctor and then follow his instructions. 


Medications will be administered between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm only.  Medications that are prescribed for “once daily” or “twice daily” will not be administered at the center.  These medications need to be given at home.  Medications that are prescribed for “three times a day” will be given once between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm.                        

Please be reminded that ALL medications need to have a prescription either on file or on the medication itself before it can be given at the center.  All medicine shall be stored in the Wellness Coordinator’s Office.  No medicine shall remain in a child’s bag/cubby during the day. Medications need to be taken home daily.  We have a small amount of storage space for “as needed” medications, but prescription medications need to go home each day. Blanket authorization forms are prohibited. The center will only administer medication which has been prescribed by a doctor and only with written permission which has been dated and signed by the parent.  

Breathing Treatments

Breathing treatments will be administered between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm only.  A maximum of two treatments will be given during the day. Breathing treatments that are prescribed for “once daily or twice daily” will not be administered at the center.  This treatment needs to be given at home.  Please be reminded that a copy of the breathing treatment prescription as well as the dosage requirements and time increments is needed for the child’s file.  Nebulizers or breathing machines must be taken home daily.  These are not to be left in the center overnight.   

Other Health and Medical Information

 The parent must provide the health record signed by the child’s physician or the health department and a current certificate of immunizations at the time of admission. The certificate of immunization must be updated in the office each time your child receives a vaccination. Parents must keep current the name of the child’s doctor and the name of other adults to contact in the event that a parent cannot be reached. Parents shall report any illnesses or exposures to communicable diseases outside the center to the staff, in order to alert other parents.  The staff in turn shall inform the parents when the child has been exposed to communicable disease at the center.

We do not allow the use of teething jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, or anklets) of any kind.  We are following the recommendation from the FDA which says that the risk of using jewelry for relieving teething pain include choking, strangulation, injury to the mouth and infection.

There must be cooperation between the center and the home to fight the spread of communicable disease. Because doctors differ in both the treatment and the return to class times associated with illness, CDC policies take precedent over doctor’s orders. In an attempt to limit the spread of infection, the following guidelines have been established:

For our CDC Health and Wellness Guidelines, please see the Parent Handbook pages 24-36.
Security System
Your child’s safety is our most important priority. Our campus is secured by key fob only entry. These key fobs will provide access to the CDC building, the Family Life Center building and the main church building during school time. Each classroom as well as the lunchroom, Family Life Center, hallways, and parking lots are equipped with security cameras. These cameras provide protection for both teachers and children during the school day.